CUBE 200s

Capturing and analyzing sales data in real time

New Generation of CUBE

High compatibility moduling design, plug and play

CUBE is the globally first accomplish collecting retail in store sales transaction data through purely hardware. CUBE is globally patented and has been deployed in 20000+ shops, 3000+ brands, 300+ cities across 7 countries. The monthly transaction processed is over 20 million, it is Counect's mission to help clients to accomplish data value.

The globally first invented data cable external mounted monitoring device

Firstly launched on market at 22nd April, 2010, the first sales income were donated to Yushu where destroyed by earthquake

Data collection, data processing, customized QR code or barcode printing on receipts

Compatible with 99%+ of the common receipt printer

3D platform to support device management, data management and data processing

Thrid party device integration is also supported


Slightly configuration will be needed for serial interface printer

How to attach CUBE on POS and printer

Only need to attach CUBE in between of POS and receipt printer by printing cable

One extra printing cable is needed

Moduling design

Less complexity, higher compatibility, protect clients' investment

Main Unit
400 MHz MCU
2G RAM,4G Mass Storage
WAN x 1,Wi-Fi and 3G/4G
LAN x 1,USB 2.0 x 2
12v input,4v~8v power bus,back up battery
Data Collection
USB collection module
Ethernet collection module
Parallel collection module (Standard/Advanced)
Serial collection module
IBM 485 collection module
Smart lid
Support blue tooth and iBeacon
Support NFC read/write module and tag
Touch and gesture control
Full color status light

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